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A shorter version of this fund drive is explained here (WHAT's This?; WHY Do This?; WHERE Will the Money Go?; WHO is An Iron Daisy CSA?;  and HOW To Help):

         Each of the TEN deliveries this summer to 501c3 food banks or their equivalent, is a chance to say 'Fracking KILLS' and must be stopped.
         It's a chance to tell those in power their legacy will be the ruined agriculture and water of Upstate New York.
          It's a chance to remind people that those in power already cannot and will not control floodwaters properly or repair the aftermath properly.
         The subscriptions I'll deliver with your help, are worth $1500.   If you can help support any of these subscriptions at any level it would be greatly appreciated.
          New York towns served will include:  Afton, Bainbridge, Binghamton (AND Food Not Bombs-Binghamton), Butternuts, Cooperstown, Franklin, Guilford, Ithaca, Maryland, Middlefield, Morris, New Berlin, Norwich, Oneonta, Otego, Schenevus, and Sidney.
          There will also be runs into PA towns--one that GASLAND featured:
         1.  Dimock, PA's Carter Road folks will get 10 share deliveries this summer.  They were denied a MUTUAL AID signature by their pro-gas town board that would have allowed FREE water deliveries from the town of Binghamton.
         2.  Towanda, PA will get 10 share deliveries this summer.  The County seat of Bradford County (ground zero for gas fracking in the Northeast).  This will help reming people that TOWANDA LOST ITS FARMERS MARKET because farmers and customers could no longer hear one another for the frack truck traffic.
          The fundraiser will also make a point about the need to consider new strategies to get the attention of the powers that be.  There will be deliveries to the two longest standing Occupies in the Northeast:
          1.  OCCUPY BUFFALO New York is STILL there, and STILL attending town meetings and working with its mayor to pressure Governor Andrew Cuomo to give a bigger share of state funds to that town.
          2.  OCCUPY WASHINGTON D.C., which has a large out of town community of which I am a part.   This Occupy has a kitchen that recently received a 98% grade from the D.C. health officials and they serve and assist homeless in a manner that should be emulated nationwide.

         We need to reach the LOCAL media that MOST of the people in fracked or frack-threatened areas READ.  Most people don't read the 'left' journals on line.  They read the local paper.  If the issue is made tangible enough, the local papers can pick this up as a non-threatening feature.  There is massive intimidation by the gas companies on local media.
         This will help reimburse me for seeds, labor redoing the farm beds this past year, seminars needed to get certified as OFFICIALLY organic (I could already pass as no chemical, no gmo), my time, gasoline, electric bills, mortgage, etc..
        An Iron Daisy CSA houses my production company, ClusterFracked Productions.  I normally cover the national movement for human rights and justice but fracking has overpowered nearly everything for me this past year.  I say nearly everything, because I see great promise and example from the OCCUPY movement.

WHO IS THIS An Iron Daisy CSA?
         My name is Lisa Barr.  I began farming at age 11 in Michigan, picking strawberries in 1968 with Mexican migrant labor.  I learned a little Spanish and a little worker rights (we struck so that the Mexican workers could use something other than a ditch for restroom breaks--it worked!).   I began a career in journalism in 1977, and some of the work I'm now doing with consumer software using an iPhone is included below.  A CSA shares the farm season bounty among subscribers. It's a way to help local farms.  Usually, those of us doing a CSA also have other jobs. Mine right now is documentary work and print coverage of the human rights/ justice movements.
           Later this year, I hope to get my documentary MUTUAL AID: A Fracked Society viewed privately for comments and later distribution.
            If you'd like to see/hear some of my work:
             AUDIO (a NY Fracking Activism update from January 3, 2012)
             PRINT ( I am also a mass communication academic, and this journalism is the product of my  
             critical media scholarship as well as my movement journalism).
            VIDEO (I released this piece on Bradley Manning to youtube before learning that many awards contests do not allow you to have done so.  But I am quite proud of this piece from March 2011).

 1.  Send a donation to An Iron Daisy CSA, P.O. Box 1539, Oneonta, NY 13820.
It would be helpful, statistically, if you could indicate which town or organizations you wanted to particularly support:
NY: Afton, Bainbridge, Binghamton, Cooperstown, Franklin, Guilford, Ithaca, Maryland, Middlefield, Morris, New Berlin, Norwich, Oneonta, Otego, Schenevus, and Sidney.
PA:  Dimock (Carter Road) and Towanda
FOOD NOT BOMBS Binghamton (also indicate whether you would want information on starting Food Not Bombs Chapters in YOUR town)
OCCUPIES in Buffalo, NY and Washington D.C./Freedom Plaza or its new houses.
2.  Perhaps you are a friend with a website that reaches many people.  If you could post a link to this I would greatly appreciate it.


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