Monday, January 2, 2012

Early January Frack Fighting Update New York State

What an interesting group of people are trying to protect the air, land, water and culture of New York state.  I have met so many interesting and dedicated fractivistas the past two and a half years.  I hope once we beat back the dirty energy companies we turn our sites to other states and other countries these corporate criminals are bludgeoning.  I am only a decade into the digital revolution for radio and television.  My law degree allowed me to escape teaching production courses for a time.  I named the garage band project 2womentalkingonacouch and that's what the podcast appears to be name now!  Anyway.  Happy New Year!   The three women interviewed here are brilliant:  Linda Lavine(Dryden Town Supervisor); Irene Weisser (Caroline Town Supervisor) and Helen Slotje, Managing Attorney for Community Environmental Defense Council (Ithaca).
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No Fracking Way will we have a bad 2012!

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